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League Of Legends Short Concept Art

2013-12-06 13:13:23 by frass70

concept art for a league of legends short i plan to make in short a guy gets sucked into the game meets annie gets burned alive mauled by tibbers and possibly raped i said possibly i will need voice actors so if youre interested shootme up check out the speed art


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2013-12-06 13:21:35


frass70 responds:

yes it is


2013-12-06 13:27:18


frass70 responds:

no what? to rape you do know there is not actually gonna be any in it right


2013-12-06 14:26:38



2013-12-06 15:19:00

What program did you use?

frass70 responds:

adobe flash cs6


2013-12-06 16:48:18

If you want i can help with something (: I can't do any special voices, but i can still try to help ^^

frass70 responds:

:) ok man thanks ill be sure to contact you as soon as finish planning the cartoon


2013-12-08 11:33:00

Is it ok to have a boner because of this? Man I'll be waiting what you'll offer us this time. TO what kind of roles you'll be needing voice actors? Man, Bear, Manbear, tree num.3, narrator or wut?


2013-12-08 19:38:16

i always had problems whit the shadows i think u did a great job :D